A quiet space designed for
privacy and focus.

Phone Booth

Get your oasis for the modern office. Dial in, tune out, rehearse, review, create, debate – you name it - the minimalist BUSYPOD Soundproof Phone Booth's potential for your open plan office is huge. BUSYPOD is the solution you need to regain lost privacy in your open-plan office!

Quiet - BUSYPODs reduce noise by blocking out all those office distractions leaving you free to  concentrate, make that important call or read that important sales report.
Portable - Why limit yourself by building in a new meeting room. BUSYPOD offers flexible privacy solutions that can be moved around the office. Moving office? Take them with you. Try doing that with that old style meeting room!
Built-in desk - Our Phone Booths come with a built-in desk as standard. Setup your laptop, put down your cup of coffee, lay out some documents.

Power, USB & Data outlets - Battery on low? No problem. All BUSYPODs come wired for power with a power socket for your laptop, and a USB port to charge your phone and other devices. Need data? This can be added to any of our pods.
Ventilation - Your comfort is paramount. That is why we have a unique ventilation system, powered by a low noise electric fan to ensure the air in the pod is fully circulated in just 3 minutes.
Easy to Assemble - Our pods are super easy to assemble on site. Two people can assemble your phone booth in less than an hour. Easy! We also offer a full white glove assembly service so it is all done for you. No sweat, no hassles!

See what one, or more, could do for the productivity and positivity of your work-space by visiting our showroom today.

1   LED ceiling lights
2   Busy/occupied alert light
3   Ventilation fan
4   Coat hanger (option)
5   Power, USB, data (option) wireless charger(option)
6   Ergonomic table
7   Acoustic laminated glass
8   Natural wood laminated framed door
9   Matt black or white handle
10  Acoustic laminated glass
11  Acoustic felt interior side panels
12  Floor mounted, height adjustable stool (option)
13  Acoustic carpet
14  Hidden wheels (option)


The BUSYPOD Phone Booth reduces outside noise to provide an ideal environment to concentrate and make those important, private phone or video calls.


Need another quiet space to get away and make an important phone or video call? No need to build a new meeting room. Simply add a BUSYPOD Phone Booth and it's done! Need to relocate your pod? The hidden wheels makes this a breeze.


Assembling your Phone Booth is incredibly easy. Once unboxed it will usually take you less than an hour. Install yourself, or leave it to us with our full installation service.


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