Enabling focus in shared spaces

Open-plan environments. We love them for the energy and collaborative opportunities they afford, but what about those times when you just need that bit of privacy to make a vital sales call, video conference, or get some uninterrupted thinking done? You know the scenario. The meeting room is booked solid - or worse - it seats 12, but one person’s sat there on a conference call.

PEACEPOD is a New Zealand company offering phone booths and meeting pods that are an ergonomic and economical solution to this shared space dilemma. Soundproofed, ventilated and fully portable, the PEACEPOD Phone Booth comes equipped with a built-in desk and power and USB outlets. And with four models available, there’s a PEACEPOD that’s guaranteed to bring the right amount of zen to your work-space.


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PEACEPODS reduce outside noise by 35dB. We block out all those office distractions leaving you free to  concentrate, make that important call or read that important sales report.

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Why limit yourself by building in a new meeting room. PEACEPOD offers flexible privacy solutions that can be moved around the office. Moving office? Take them with you. Try doing that with that old style meeting room!

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Built-in desk

Our Phone Booths come with a built-in desk as standard. We have 2 size options to suit your needs. Setup your laptop, put down your cup of coffee, lay out some documents.

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Power & USB outlets

Battery on low? No problem. All PEACEPODS come wired for power with a standard AC power socket and for your laptop, and USB ports to charge for phone and other devices.

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Your comfort is paramount. That is why we have a unique ventilation system, powered by a low noise electric fan to ensure the air in the pod is fully circulated in just 3 minutes.

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Easy to Assemble

Our pods are super easy to assemble on site. Only one tool is required to fasten all parts. Easy! We also offer a full white glove assembly service so it is all done for you. No sweat, no hassles!

PEACEPOD soundproof phone booth


It doesn't matter if you a global corporate or a 10 person startup, our Phone Booths are a perfect solution to restore privacy to any office.

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Meet the PEACEPOD range

Whether you need the calm zone of our single-occupant Phone Booth,  a one or two person workspace, or the quiet convenience of our Meet or XL for small groups, we have a booth that will work perfectly for your open-plan office, or shared space. Both are easy to relocate within your current work-space or take with you when you move.

PEACEPOD Phone Booth
PEACEPOD Phone Booth
1 Person Phone Booth
$8,795 NZD
Height: 2300mm; Width: 1000mm; Depth 936mm
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1-2 person workspace
$11,750 NZD
Height: 2300mm; Width: 1500mm; Depth 1236mm
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4 person meeting booth
$14,995 NZD
Height: 2300mm; Width: 2200mm; Depth 1536mm
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6 person meeting booth
$18,995 NZD
Height: 2300mm; Width: 2200mm; Depth 2136mm
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PEACEPOD is the solution you need to regain lost privacy in your open-plan office!



of people in open plan offices expressed significant levels of dissatisfaction with 'sound privacy'.

Kim J, Dear R. 2013

There's a


reduction in face to face interaction in an open plan offices vs offices with higher privacy levels.

Bernstein & Turban, Harvard Business School 2018

Over half


of office employees regularly use headphones to cancel outside noise or avoid talking to colleagues.

Study by Cloud Cover Music
PEACEPOD phone booth with stool

Get your oasis for the modern office

Dial in, tune out, rehearse, review, create, debate – you name it - the minimalist PEACEPOD’s potential for your open plan work-space is huge. See what one, or more, could do for the productivity and positivity of your work-space, by ordering your PEACEPOD today. Choose from any of our 4 models.