Social & Collaborative


BUSYLOUNGE is a mobile open meeting pod designed as casual meeting space where you can have fun, work, and meet. The hidden wheels make it a breeze to relocate the booth anywhere in the office where you may need it. at any time!

With a simple yet stylish aesthetic, BUSYLOUNGE is designed to be highly functional and versatile. In those situations where full privacy is not required, BUSYLOUNGE is the perfect solution.

1   Acoustic performance pendant LED lighting
2  Optional rear wall
3  Ergonomic working table
4  Comfortable sofas
5  Power, USB, data (option) wireless charger(option)
6  Carpeted floor
7  Stainless Footstep
8  Hidden wheels


The BUSYLOUNGE comes in two convenient sizes, 2-person and 4-person. It also comes with many features and options including comes with LED lights, power, data line, USB sockets, wireless charger, and comfortable sofas which are both comfortable and spacious, with breathable fabric.


Need another small space to meet with your colleagues? No need to build a new meeting room. Simply add a BUSYLOUNGE and it's done! Need to relocate your booth? The hidden wheels makes this a breeze.


Assembling your BUSYLOUNGE is incredibly easy. Once unboxed it will usually take you less than an hour. Install yourself, or leave it to us with our full installation service.


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