How soundproof is the PEACEPOD?

PEACEPOD’s reduce sound inside the Booth by about 35 dB. What that means is our booths are designed to create a perfect private environment for phone and video conference calls. People outside the booth will not be able to hear the conversation going on inside the booth while the person inside the booth will hear muffled ambient noise from outside the booth.

Is there ventilation in the PEACEPOD?

Of course, this isn’t a portable sauna! Your comfort is our top priority. Whether you’re on a 5-minute call with your hubby, or on your PEACEPOD’s are designed to keep you cool and comfortable hour-long weekly sales video call, PEACEPOD’s are designed to keep you cool and comfortable. Our specially designed low noise electric fans keep fresh air circulating through the booth with a complete air change achieved every three minutes.

What footprint does the booth require?

PEACEPOD Phone Booth:
With the door closed the booth measures 1000 x 936 mm.
With the door open it adds an extra 840mm to the depth.

With the door closed the Meet booth measures 2200x 1536 mm.
With the door open it adds an extra 840mm to the depth.

What size is the desk?

We have a number of desk designs available. Our 2 standard desk designs are 600mm wide. Custom sized desks are available on request.

Is a seat included with your PEACEPOD?

Stools are not included with the Phone Booths, however, we have these available as optional extras, or you can choose your own! The PEACEPOD Meet booths do not include furniture, but we can supply sofas and a table as optional extras.

Are there power outlets and USB ports in the booth?

Yes there is a power outlet to plug your laptop into and 2 x USB ports to charge your phone. You’ve got the power!

How do I connect my PEACEPOD up to the power?

We supply a 150cm power cord that plugs into any standard wall power outlet. Simple!

Will the office WiFi work inside the booth?

Yes, the WiFi signal will be the same inside the booth as it is outside of it.

How does delivery and installation work?

There is a flat $300 + gst fee for delivery and our full white glove installation of your PEACEPOD. Our professional installers will take care of it all for you!

How long will it take to receive my PEACEPOD?

PEACEPOD’s are typically delivered and installed 4-6 weeks from order date.

Is the glass used for the door safe?

Sure is. We use tempered glass which is about four times stronger than regular glass and is commonly used in situations where human safety is paramount. E.g side and rear windows in vehicles, entrance doors, shower and tub enclosures, squash courts, patio furniture, microwave ovens and skylights.

Does the PEACEPOD come with a warranty?

We offer a 12-month warranty and you can see full details here. Manufacturing defects are fully covered. There are exclusions for booths that have been stored, used, or assembled incorrectly, misuse, user-inflicted damage, liquid damage, mold or infestation.

Do I have to assemble the PEACEPOD myself?

No, we deliver and assemble your PEACEPOD on site. Additional charges apply for delivery and assembly.

Still have questions? Contact sales, we'd love to hear from you!