About Us

We bring calm to the open-plan storm.

‘There’s got to be a better way to work.’ 

This very thought occurred to PEACEPOD founder, Rob Berman, as he juggled a laptop and paperwork in the only ‘free’ space he could find in his shared office – a chair in reception.
What I need, thought Rob, is a small area where I can just close myself off for a while. And so PEACEPOD was born. 

100% Kiwi-owned, PEACEPOD is out to cleverly revolutionise busy, shared environments, one compact, quiet room at a time. 

To keep PEACEPOD affordable we sell direct. But that doesn’t mean we’ve compromised on quality, or lump you with a nightmarish kit set, as we also provide full assembly and installation services. 

Are you ready to work better in your shared space?