About Us

We bring calm to the open-plan storm

‘There’s got to be a better way to work.’ 

This very thought occurred to Rob Berman, as he juggled a laptop and paperwork in the only ‘free’ space he could find in his shared office – a chair in reception. What I need, thought Rob, is a small area where I can just close myself off for a while. And so PEACEPOD was born. 

100% Kiwi-owned, PEACEPOD is out to cleverly revolutionise busy, shared environments, one compact, quiet room at a time. 

To keep it affordable we sell direct from the manufacturer. In 2020, we became the exclusive distributor in New Zealand for the BUSYPOD range of soundproof phone booths and meeting pods.

Are you ready to work better in your shared space?

Rob Berman picture
CEO - Rob Berman