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Open-plan offices are not perfect

A review of 100 office-environment studies by psychologist Matthew Davis found workers in open-offices experience more uncontrolled disruptions, higher amounts of stress, and lower levels of concentration and motivation than those in standard offices.
Never fear, PEACEPOD provides a high quality solution at a great price.
animated PEACEPOD phone booth showing airflow

Airflow keeps you cool

Our unique ventilation system powered by a low noise electric fan, circulates and completely refreshes the air every 3 minutes

Built To Last

Our Pods are made from high quality materials and components.

We sell direct which allows us to bring our pods to market at the right price point.

aluminum frames corner of PEACEPOD phone booth

Aluminum Frame

quality door handle of PEACEPOD phone booth

Quality components

low heat LED lighting in PEACEPOD phone booth

Low heat LED lighting

Air vent in PEACEPOD phone booth

Built-in ventilation system

Shhh... it’s quiet!

Sound absorption from inside and sound blocking from the outside combine to provide a beautiful distraction-proof environment.

Animation of soundproofing in PEACEPOD phone booth

We Sell Direct

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No Expensive

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No Pesky

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